Player of the Week -- December 1, Darius McMillan, Brookville

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Sort of like the Heisman Trophy, it's difficult for defensive players to win our Player of the Week honors. Quarterbacks and running backs have the offensive stats that pop off the page.

Unless of course you're a one-man wrecking crew like Brookville's Darius McMillan was in the state semifinals against Tunstall.

The junior lineman does everything big. Big plays, big personality, big mouth.

"Trash talk, get inside the guys' head,” McMillan said.

Brookville coach Jeff Woody said, "It seems like he puts some thought into his trash talking. Because it's always clever, he's always going to stay one-up on you."

There was plenty to talk about after he blew up Tunstall in the state semifinals last week.

"When they tried to double team me and I got a sack I was just like, 'You just can't handle me,'" McMillan said.

Number 53 terrorized the Trojans all afternoon. Eight solo tackles, four behind the line of scrimmage. Two sacks, and throw in two fumble recoveries for good measure. After all that, the sacks especially, he's been known to bust some moves.

"Crosses his arms, he salutes, he'll rub his helmet as if he's got hair. He's a mess, but I enjoy it. He's got some swagger," Woody said.

McMillan is only a junior, and even got a few carries at running back on the JV last year. Now he starts both ways, paving the way for the Bees at left guard, and hunting down opposing ball carriers at defensive tackle.

"One of those National Geographic hunters. He's the lion hunting the gazelle. He's played his tail off this year,” Woody said.

He played sparingly on special teams in last year's state championship game. So he is extra motivated for Saturday's rematch with James Monroe.

"I just want to be a part of us winning a state championship. I want to be one of the reasons why we get that ring,” McMillan said.

And if the Bees do win another ring, you'll be sure to hear about it from Darius.

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