Extension 720 Audio Archives, June 2007

Is the Fairness Doctrine really fair? Milt takes on this question with guests Joe Morris, a former Assistant Attorney General, Brian Anderson of the Manhattan Institute, and Bradley Smith, former Chairman of the Federal Election Committee. (6/29/07)

Fairness Doctrine (82:56)

Stephen Schwartz, a practicing Muslim, talks with Milt about the state of the Israel lobby, and about his new book, Is It Good for the Jews: The Crisis of America's Israel Lobby. (6/22/07)

Stephen Schwartz (80:54)

Milt talks with author Andro Linklater about his new book, The Frabric of America: How Our Borders and Boundaries Have Shaped the Country and Forged Our National Identity. (6/21/07)

Andro Linklater (74:19)

Can the U.S. look abroad to find successful models for dealing with the threat of terror attacks? Author Leonard Cole argues the Israeli model might prove most helpful to American authorities in his book, Terror: How Israel Has Coped and What American Can Learn. (6/14/07)

Coping with Terrorism (81:47)

Milt Rosenberg talks with author Andrew Ferguson, whose new book, Land of Lincoln, takes a fresh look at the legacy today of Abraham Lincoln across the United States both politically and culturally. (6/11/07)

Land of Lincoln (72:30)

Milt Rosenberg welcomes author Nica Lalli in this program. The New York City art teacher talks about her upbringing in an atheist household and how it affects her outlook today in her book Nothing: Something to Believe In. (6/7/07)

Raised as an Atheist (67:24)

The scientific community has long sought answers as to how the mind works in terms of thought, memory, and emotion. Researchers have made some surprising breakthroughs recently that give us better insight into these mysterious processes. In this program, Milt Rosenberg welcomes Aryeh Routtenberg, Professor of Neurobiology and Physiology at Northwestern University, and David Linden, Professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Professor Linden's new book is The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God. (6/1/07)

Mysteries of the Mind (80:07)

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