Philosophies of East and West Course

Join us on a journey studying the major cultures and philosophies of East and West emphasizing their rich and useful modern day applications. Highlights include the philosophies of India, Tibet, China, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, and Native America.

Free introductory class on Monday, November 7 at 7 pm, Chicago Public Library, 4455 N Lincoln Ave.

New Acropolis International Cultural Association Information & Registration at or 773-766-7565

New Acropolis is a non-profit international cultural association offering the public cultural events that include exhibits, lectures, workshops, courses, and artistic presentations. New Acropolis' program of studies covers a wide range of cultural themes, and emphasizes the practical, modern-day application of philosophy (philo/sophia=love of wisdom). New Acropolis also annually carries out humanitarian, educational, and environmental projects serving the community in over 50 countries.

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