Big "trashy" weekend in New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

That was quite a 4 day run in New Orleans. The Zurich classic golf tournament had another exciting finish and Jazz Fest 2012 had a successful first weekend.  10's of thousands of tourists are in town, including thousands of doctors, for a convention downtown. 

Besides being physical tired, I'm also mentally exhausted from hearing out-of-towners praise our city one moment and then bash it the next. Some of the criticism is cleary nonsense while some of it is real and true.

Some of the legit comments I overheard: "the city is filthy," or "New Orleans is ugly, especially the ride from the airport to downtown," or "New Orleans is crusty," and even "New Orleans is neglected" and on and on and on.  

The part about the city being dirty and the ride from the airport comments especially rang true.  As I've often said, New Orleans is America's filthiest city.  It's not even close. Nowhere else do citizens of trash the place they live so much.

And the airport experience, the first impression you get of New Orleans, is an awful one. Plus, the ride from Kenner to New Orleans is embarrassing. Not a pretty corridor. 

With the Superbowl coming to New Orleans in February, isn't about time we fix those eyesore problems?  Otherwise we'll be hearing the same complaints then that I heard over this past weekend.

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