Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd: Vodka Inventor

Dan AykroydJohn Alexander

"Ghostbusters" star, Dan Aykroyd visited Metairie to promote his vodka, Crystal Head.

His creation is a pure spirit.  It contains no citrus oil, glycerin, sugar and synthetic flavors.

He said he wanted to promote it in Louisiana because of the rich culture in the state.

"Take a look at the Crystal Head cap.  It has the Aykroyd coat of arms, the fuer de lis from Quebec, and the fleur de lis for Louisiana," the former Saturday Night Live star said.

The idea for the vodka came to Aykroyd over dinner in New York City with his long-time artist friend, John Alexander.

Alexander designed the mysterious clear skull bottle.  Alexander said he was always interested in the legend of the 13 crystal skulls, and drew inspiration from that legend to design the concept of the bottle.  The crystal heads are said to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them.  

Crystal Head Vodka was awareded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisico World Spirits Competition in May of 2011.  

"Our notes were sweet, vanilla, dry, crisp with a kick of heat on the finish,"  Aykroyd said.

It's currently available in North America, Ireland, the UK, Germany, India, Asia, Australia, Switzerland, and China.   Crystal Head launched in 2008. 

Aykroyd signed bottles for fans at the Sam's Club in Metairie.  The Louisiana Ghostbusters, an organization which helps raise money for local charities couldn't miss out on the chance to meet an original "Ghostbuster." 

"We told Dan we felt he was the heart and soul of "Ghostbusters", and in the spirit of what he did in the movie we want to be heroes like him,"  Ben Langlinais said.

Look for Crystal Head Vodka to make an appearance alongside, Barbara Streissand in her next flick, "My Mother's Curse".  

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