New NORD director Vic Richard needs to concentrate on our children, not politics

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They say the fix was in for a while. The mayor getting his guy to run the new NORD instead of ex-councilman Arnie Fielkow's choice. After the city narrowed the selection process to a final 5, the mayor selected the individual who most insiders thought he'd choose, interim director Vic Richard. 

Former council president Arnie Fielkow, who was probably the number one mover when it came to the creation of the new NORD, preferred another candidate, Reggie Williams, who helped create Walt Disney World's Wide World of Sports complex. 

Political insiders say Landreiu wanted Richard. And even the 5th finalist thought that was the case by eventually withdrawing from consideration. Fielkow thought it was politics as usual in New Orleans and even wrote a letter to the editor of the Times Picayune stating as much. The mayor didn't like that a council person that resigned from office and now lives in another city is still commenting publicly in New Orleans on this topic. Either way, the mayor's guy is in and Fielkow's guy is out.

Hopefully Fielkow is wrong about this one and it didn't come down to politics and actually the best man won fair and square. Because this isn't about the mayor's choice or the former council president's choice, this is about the best choice for our kids and the future of our city. 

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