Blaine Kern Vows to Make New Orleans the Premier Halloween Destination

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"When you get to my age, I'm not modest. I can tell you that!" Mr. Mardi Gras's charismatic personality is leading the way for another title, Mr. Halloween

"We're doing a parade that's going to make New Orleans, including the Voodoo Fest, Gothic architecture, voodoo gris gris .." Blaine Kern wants to make New Orleans the premier destination for Halloween. "Family-oriented. In one year if we get the people I think we're going to get, we can get five, six, seven million dollars," he says.

And Kern is bringing Hollywood on board. One player is Billy Blatty. His father is the genius behind horror-flick "The Exorcist." He says, "The people here celebrate Halloween. The mystery of the faith, the Caribbean voodoo culture as well. I mean, there's no other place in the U.S. you can do this."

Kern says John Goodman, Joan Rivers, Chris Owens and more will be sporting their scariest costumes for the parade.

"Do you see the incredible impact this could have on our community. But you are the reason it can happen," he says. Kern made Mardi Gras what it is today and he predicts Halloween will rival carnival in the future.Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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