Party with a Purpose at the Oyster Festival

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There is a first in the French Quarter this weekend. The inaugural Oyster Festival is underway next to the Hard Rock Café. Festival-goers came out to eat oysters for a purpose.

You can find amazing oyster concoctions in the French Quarter. "You get a lot of flavor. You get the chargrilled flavor. You get the cheese flavor and as you see, you get that sauce flavor," says Moe Bader from Oceania Restaurant. People have no trouble getting them down at the 1st Annual Oyster Festival in the French Quarter.

But this inaugural festival is more than just enjoying oysters. Moe says, "We really were very skeptical to put this event together because of the situation in the gulf, but we were definitely proven wrong. People are out here eating the grilled oysters, eating the oyster pastas, and everybody's having a good time."

People are here for a purpose. "I really wanted to make it out here today to support the oyster industry because of what's happening in the gulf," says Louis Lederman.

"It's important because most of us live off seafood," says Mia Robinson.

"It's devastating everything. If we get a storm, it's going to devastate everything down there and I just can't stand that," says Rick Jansson.

Because of the oil spill, people want to show support -- even if it is a big party with other seafood characters like Moby Pincher. "Our crawfish are o.k. So far, if it doesn't get too far up into the bay, but all of his friends -- the oysters and the shrimp. It's bad," says Moby Pincher author Dee Scallan.

With things so uncertain, people are praying they'll see the event next year.

The fun continues tomorrow from 11 am 6 pm.

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