Get the Skinny on Holiday Cocktails

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It's the start of the holiday party season, and cocktails are a common theme of nearly every party.

But, cocktail calories can add up quickly. Some holiday favorites top 1,000 calories!

Nutritionist Molly Kimball says be careful with calorie packed mixers, instead opt for mixers that are naturally calorie free like sparkling water, club soda, coffee or iced tea.

"All types of alcohol are naturally dense in calories," Kimball said.

A single ounce of hard alcohol has 70 calories, creamy liqueurs pack up to 120 calories per ounce, and a six ounce glass of wine contains 150 calories.

Try these options to slim down your favorite drink.

A Vodka Cranberry contains 233 calories, but you can easily save 100 calories by substituting a club soda with just a splash of cranberry juice for flavor.

If you're favorite is a hot drink like Kahlua and hot chocolate, try substituting an Irish Coffee. A typical Kahlua and Hot Chocolate has 392 Calories, but an Irish Coffee only has 111.

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HolidaysLifestyle and LeisureBars and ClubsDining and DrinkingWGNO