Closure For A Grieving Widow: After Months Of Waiting For A Death Certificate WGNO Gets Results

After waiting nearly three months for her husband's death certificate a widow contacted WGNO for help, and as WGNO's Vanessa Bolano tells us, the certificate is finally in her hands.

With her husband's death certificate in hand Gayle Alcorn is finally ready to move forward.

"This is helping me to move on in life, to start doing the things that I need to do to heal."

Gayle's husband Ralph Alcorn died unexpectedly April 1st. He was only 57-years-old, and had gone in for surgery, but never came out. The procedure was too much for his heart. His body was taken to the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office, and until now Gayle had never received his death certificate.

"I am so glad that I decided to call you all and I'm so glad that you all answered my cry!"

A week ago WGNO's Vanessa Bolano met with Gayle. She made calls to the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office, Vital Records at the State Level, and even met Gayle at the funeral home Gayle used. We aired her story and still the Coroner's office never returned our calls, but they knew we were on top of them because that same day they quickly faxed over a completed death certificate to the state.

Tuesday afternoon, six days after our initial calls, Ralph Alcorn's death certificate was handed over to Gayle.

"Without this death certificate it's like your dying as well. I couldn't get anything done; couldn't get widow's pension; couldn't get benefits from insurance. Every letter I got that was one of the mandated stipulations; the death certificate!"

Holding her head high Gayle can now grieve and live her life. She says the decision to air her struggle was difficult, but it's given her peace, something Ralph would have wanted.

"He's probably smiling down on me now."

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