Snubbing The President

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What’s wrong with Louisiana's Republican Party? Well, not all Republicans but definitely a select few who's main concern is getting re-elected and not helping citizens.    

The latest embarrassment involves Congressman Jeff Landry of New Iberia. Obviously Landry has been drinking too much water from Bayou Teche. Last week the President of the United States invited all House Republicans to the White House for a chat. All of Louisiana’s Repubs showed up, of course, except Landry.         

Landry blamed some of the President’s policies that he felt were hurting our children and grandchildren for the "no show". He said he's not about to waste a morning at the White House getting lectured to by a President who's implemented failed policies.  

The only definitive failed policy here is Landry's decision to not show up to the White House for a sit down with fellow Republicans and the President.  What a blown opportunity for Landry and the people he claims to represent.

Sad part is, in Louisiana, it'll probably help Landry and hurt a fellow Republican that did the right thing. Next fall, Landry is expected to run in a primary against Republican incumbent Charles Boustany.  Boustany accepted the Presidents request for a visit. I'm certain Landry will use that fact as a negative against Boustany come election time. A cropped picture of a smiling Boustany and the President are sure to make the papers, websites, and TV commercials next election cycle.

When the President of the United States, Republican or Democrat, invites you to the White House to talk, you go. You actually drop everything and go. At the very least it's about the office of the President. Politics shouldn't get in the way. Show some respect. 

I doubt Landry will be penalized by Republicans in Louisiana because like their democrat brethren, results are unimportant. It's the lame message that matters. 

Landry wasn’t being a leader last week. He wasn't representing us. He was worrying about getting reelected. Come election time he'll be letting you know loud and clear that he didn't go to the White House for that visit. And the low expectations of the state's Republicans will probably re-elect him. And that's as pathetic as Landry's actions last week.   

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