New Saints Jerseys Go On Sale

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As of Friday morning, there are two kinds of jersey-wearing Saints fans -- those with the old Reebok jerseys and those with the new Nike versions.

"So today is the day, the first day that anybody is going to be able to have a jersey like this on their body," said Melissa Lee at her Slidell store Geaux For The Gold. Stores were not allowed to sell the new Nike jerseys until midnight Friday following the first night of this year's NFL draft.

"I like them. They fit good," said Saints fan -- and Geaux For The Gold customer -- Kris Kent who also noticed the Nike jerseys are a little more fitted with a snugger collar. They're also made of a high-tech, high performance material.

But perhaps the first thing Saints fans will notice is the new shade of gold on the jerseys.

"It's lighter, a little lighter than it has been in the past," Lee said.

All NFL teams are getting the new Nike equipment which includes very cool gloves that -- when players' hands are aligned properly -- show their team's logo. Lee says there's no word right now on when those gloves will be available for the public to buy.

Also, there's a limited supply of player numbers available so far for the Nike jerseys. Number 9 is among them. Fans hope it's a sign.

"Drew, you gotta sign, dude. I'm buying your new jersey. You gotta sign," said Kent, looking into our news camera.

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