Teen Peace Summit Aims To Stop Crime

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 17-year old, Josh Parham came to today's peace summit at UNO's Lakefront Arena because he believes in the power of peace and "CrimeStoppers".

Parham said, "Everyone has the preconception in their mind that if they report it, you'll be a snitch, but in reality you are stopping that person from doing other bad things."

Stopping criminals is key for Josh, since he encountered a violent crime.

"I myself was a victim of a violent crime. My house was broken into a year after Hurricane Katrina, and I was held at gunpoint," he said.

Hundreds of other teens showed up for the Peace Summit to support peace on the streets.

Radio station, Q-93.3 teamed up with "CrimeStoppers" to put on today's Summit.

Hip-hop artists, Mystikal, Bobby V, and Mannie Fresh performed.


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