July 18: Midday Fix - Healthy office snacks

Dawn Jackson Blatner is a Registered Dietitian, Author and Nutrition Consultant to the Chicago Cubs.

1) Breakfast
Before: Cherry scone (480 cals, 25g fat, 15g saturated fat)
After: Quaker Real Medleys Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal (290 cals, 8g fat, 1g saturated fat)
MESSAGE: Save about 200 calories, get much less fat and nourish your body with the fiber & nutrients of whole grain oats.
2) Lunch
Before: Take-out burrito (835 cals, 2020mg sodium)
After: Healthy frozen burrito w/ veggies & hummus (320 cals, 450mg sodium)
MESSAGE: Save over 500 calories and get less sodium & closer to your daily produce quota.
3) Carby Cracker Craving
Before: Vending machine cheese crackers (190 cals, 4g protein)
After: Multi-seed crackers (8) & 2% cheese stick (130 cals, 7g protein)
MESSAGE: Save about 50 calories and get a dose of whole grains, double the protein and 20% of your day’s calcium.
4) Chocolate Craving
Before: Candy bar (210 cals, 24g sugar)
After: Cocoa almonds or chocolate lowfat yogurt (100 cals, 1g sugar)
MESSAGE: Save 100 calories, get chocolate flavor with a lot less sugar and you’ll get healthy fats & protein (almonds) or bone-building calcium & protein (yogurt).
5) Candy Craving
Before: Skittles (1 pack; 250 cals, 47g sugar)
After: Grapes, cherries, oranges, apple slices (1 cup; 60 cals, 15g sugar)
MESSAGE: Save 200 calories, get 8 teaspoons less sugar and nourish your body with nutrients of real fruit instead of just fruit flavoring.
Thanks to segment sponsor: Quaker Oats; www.quakeroats.com
10-ITEM OFFICE GROCERY LIST - Created by: Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD
1) Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal
2) Healthy frozen meals (such as Amy's, EVOL, etc.)
3) Fruit (such as oranges, apple slices, grapes, cherries, etc.)
4) Cut vegetables
5) Multi-seed crackers (such as Crunchmaster)
6) Natural peanut butter packets (such as Justin’s)
7) Hummus
8) String cheese
9) Microwave popcorn (such as 100-calorie packs)
10) Cocoa almonds or chocolate lowfat yogurt (such as Emerald or Chobani)

For more information: dawnjacksonblatner.com

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