Mayor Emanuel on CTU contract sticking point

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel is reacting Tuesday afternoon to one of the sticking points in reaching a contract agreement with Chicago’s striking teachers.

Specifically, he addressed whether or not individual school principals should be responsible for hiring and firing the teachers at their schools. The mayor believes the answer is yes.

“I don’t want that responsibility. I don’t want to select it. I don’t want the CPS leadership selecting it, Chicago Public Schools leadership, and I don’t’ want the teachers union selecting it. They’re all going to be teachers of the union. It’s who is best for the kids. It’s not about getting rid of people, it’s about raising the standards, raising the qualities in the school," Emaneul said.

Emanuel made this point while surrounded by like-minded school principals. Besides the issue with school principals, another contract sticking point appears to teacher evaluations.

The mayor also continues to say this is a strike of choice and not necessary as students could have been going to school while teachers union representatives continued contract talks with school board officials.

Meanwhile, teachers continued to strike for the second straight day, keeping hundreds of thousands of Chicago Public Schools students out of their classrooms.

The Chicago Teachers Union and the school board were meeting again Tuesday in hopes of working out a contract. Teachers walked off the job Monday.

CPS Board President David Vitale says he thinks the two sides are close enough to strike a deal, but CTU President Karen Lewis says she hasn't seen a proposal that the union will agree too. 

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