Dec. 17: The Chicago Scene - Dear Mr. Gacy Movie with Actor William Forsythe and Producer Clark Peterson

A true story from the producer of Monster, this drama is based on the experiences of 18-year-old college student Jason Moss and his relationship with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Living at home with his parents in suburbia, attending college and dating his girlfriend, Jason lives a seemingly normal life. An overachiever, he's always looking for a challenge and some new way to excel. As part of a school assignment, he sends a carefully crafted letter to John Gacy in prison, portraying himself as a vulnerable kid. Gacy, suspicious at first, puts Moss through harrowing emotional tests via phone and letters, before surrendering his trust to him. What follows is a twisted psychological game of cat and mouse between two master manipulators, in which Jason's life is turned upside down and Gacy discovers new dimensions within himself. When Gacy invites Jason to visit him in prison for a private meeting, Jason accepts. Nobody, certainly not Jason, could have predicted what would unfold inside the maximum security cell. Jason's book is called "The Last Victim" for a reason.

William Forsythe Bio:

William Forsythe is a dynamically entertaining actor with piercing eyes and a superb talent for playing some truly unlikeable and downright nasty characters that dominate the films in which he appears! If you're cast as the hero against William Forsythe's villian, then you have your work cut out for you as Forsthye's raw energy and menace on screen is second to none.Forsythe started out in a couple of minor film roles and guest appearance's in high rating TV shows including CHiPs (1977), Hill Street Blues (1981) and T.J. Hooker (1982). He quickly moved into some high quality feature films including playing a small time hoodlum in Once Upon a Time in America (1984), an hilariously funny performance as a bumbling jail escapee alongside John Goodman in the knockout Raising Arizona (1987) and as a renegade soldier in Extreme Prejudice (1987). The energetic Forsythe portrayed comic book villain "Flattop" in Dick Tracy (1990), he was foolish enough to tangle with vengeful cop Steven Seagal in the hyper-violent Out for Justice (1991) and locked horns with ex- NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth in the biker action film Stone Cold (1991).

With his expertise in playing icy villains, Forsythe was perfect to portray prohibition mobster in the short-lived revival of The Untouchables (1993), plus he continued the motif of playing edgy, nefarious individuals in the thought provoking The Waterdance (1992) the oily film noir piece Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995), as real life mobster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano in Gotti (1996, TV) and supporting another ex-NFL player's foray into film acting, when L.A. Raider Howie Long debuted in Firestorm (1998). Forsythe has remained perpetually busy in the new century with a plethora of feature film, telemovie and TV series appearances, and developing a minor cult following amongst film fans for his attention grabbing dramatic skills – check out his performances in City by the Sea (2002), The Devil's Rejects (2005) and Halloween (2007).

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