CPS Commission holds public meeting on school closings

Chicago Public Schools officials released a list of under enrolled schools, based on this year's attendance.

The list was given to a nine member commission which will recommend which schools to close.

The commission held its first public meeting Monday at Salem Baptist Church to give the community a chance to voice its concerns.

The district says underused will be the key factor in deciding which schools to close.

The list released Tuesday shows enrollment at 330 of Chicago public schools are below 80%.  Of those 139 are half-full or less.

CPS says it will not use student performance to determine which schools will be closed.

CPS blames the city's declining population, especially on Chicago's South and West sides for the drop in enrollment.

The city has lost 145,000 students between the 2000 and 2010 census.

On the flip-side, CPS says 80 of its schools are over crowded, mostly on the North and Southwest sides.

CPS has until March 31st to release its list of schools it plans to close. 

The next community meeting will be Friday at Marquette Park

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