Felony Franks plans to shut down

CrimeCrime, Law and JusticeJim Andrews

Felony Franks, a Near West Side hot dog stand known for hiring ex-convicts and for its play-on-words crime menu, may be closing its doors.

Owner Jim Andrews says sales have dropped sharply in the last 18 months since new owners took over a nearby liquor store.

Andrews claims there are large crowds of kids hanging outside the store, and that scares customers away. The liquor store owner said his business is not the problem.

Felony Franks was going to be shut down last Wednesday night, but Andrews says his employees talking him into staying open through the weekend.

Andrews says he may sell the business, as long as the new owner agreed to still hire ex-cons. He also is considering opening new locations in the suburbs, and possibly even expanding into Los Angeles.

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