Preps for the Children's Memorial Hospital move underway

HealthChildren's Memorial HospitalNear North Side

Children's MemorialHospitalis moving out of Lincoln Park, and into its new location on the Near North Side this weekend.

Saturday morning, the hospital staff will begin moving the nearly 200 young patients to the new Lurie Children's Hospital in Streeterville.

Street closures went into effect Friday evening and several cars have already been towed.

According to a release from CDOT:

"Fullerton Parkway, between Lincoln Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, will be closed to traffic.   There will be north-south crossings of Fullerton at Clark Street, Stockton Drive and Cannon Drive.  The Fullerton exits on Lake Shore Drive will also be closed.

The 2300 block of North Orchard Avenue near the Lincoln Park facility will be closed to accommodate ambulance staging and loading.  Parking will be restricted on the block starting at 6 p.m. Friday, June 8th.

Parking will be restricted on the following blocks:

  • 500-700 blocks of Fullerton Parkway
  • 2300 block of Orchard and Lincoln Avenue
  • 200-400 blocks of Chicago Avenue
  • 200 block of East Superior Street
  • the north side of 100-200 blocks of East Lake Shore Drive

The closures and parking restrictions will be in effect all day Saturday, June 9th

The move will require a fleet of ambulances and police escorts. Fullerton Ave. between Lincoln and Lake Shore Drive will be shut down at 4am Saturday, and parking will be restricted, to allow patients to be transported east on Fullerton and south on Lake Shore."

The move is expected to take up to 48 hours.

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HealthChildren's Memorial HospitalNear North Side