Polka Haters

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Well, Well, Well...Just when you thought we were going to start seeing some change in the world; lo and behold, we were fooled again.The forces of evil have done it again.

The "Haters" and "Evildoers" who run the Grammy Awards have brazenly and publicly announced the elimination of the Best Polka category.


Bastards!Are you freakin kidding me?What in God's name is going on?Haven't we been down this road before?Have we not learned from our history?

Once again we German, Austrian, Polish, Czech Americans are taking it in the shorts and getting screwed over.I am a proud Austrian American.My Austrian grandfather came dirt poor on a ship to Ellis Island, with not a penny in his pocket.We have been law-abiding, God fearing participants in the American experiment and this is what we get?I sat for hours in the kitchen with my father playing the Liechtensteiner Polka on family accordion (see video) for years only to have this category taken away?

I don't think so!


This is un-American and I am not going to stand for it.

Today, I am calling on all former accordion players to unite.Stand up and fight!!!I know a lot of you can no longer stand due to your age, but maybe you could just sit up straight or blink if you hear this.

We are going to protest the 2010 Grammy awards.I am calling on Chicago's Vlasta the Polka Queen to be our spokesperson.

I am also calling upon the Reverend Al Sharpton to join our cause.I don't know if he is a fan of polka...but he is good with protest chants and rhymes. (And he already has a bullhorn & great hair.)

This is a war we cannot lose. It's bad enough that Austrian American Heritage month is never celebrated in this country or that there is never a call for an Austrian American to be put onto the Supreme Court. So look out!!! We are minorities and we are sick and tired of being discriminated against.

This is the last straw.Don't screw around with us Polka folk or we will Polka Your Eyes Out!!!

Watch this video and tell me how we are a better world without Polka.


That's how I see it.Mr. Konrad

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