January 22 - Live Music - Freedy Johnston


7:30 p.m.
Schubas Tavern
3159 N Southport Avenue

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Rain on the City

Over the past decade, Freedy Johnston has quietly emerged as one of the most significant songwriters of our generation. His 1990 debut on Hoboken's Bar None Records, The Trouble Tree, got a warm reception from those lucky enough to discover it, especially in Holland, where it spawned a hit single.

His second album, 1992's Can You Fly, was one of that year's most critically-acclaimed, showing up on year-end best-of lists from coast-to-coast, including Spin, Billboard, People, Musician and The New York Times.

This Perfect World, Johnston's 1994 Elektra debut, was another big step forward. A lush Butch Vig Production that extended his unbroken streak of critical praise, featured his first U.S. hit, "Bad Reputation." Rolling Stone named Freedy their songwriter for the year and declaired, in a four-star review, that "Freedy has joined the elite cadre of songwriters -- Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elvis Costello -- whose brilliant pop compositions turn magical with the addition of a defiantly, idiosyncratic singing voice."

In 1997, Freedy turned up the volume with the acclaimed Never Home, highlighted by the rock hit, "On the Way Out." All the while, Freedy toured with such artists as Sheryl Crowe, Shawn Colvin, Soul Asylum, The Lemonheads, Matthew Sweet and Cowboy Junkies, among others.

On Blue Days, Black Nights, Freedy turns the volume back down again, delicate melodies and gentle arrangements recorded almost entirely live in the studio.

CD Releases Include:UnluckyTrouble TreeCan You FlyThis Perfect WorldNever HomeRight Between the PromisesBlue Days, Black NightsLive At 33 and 1/3The Way I Were

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