Man claims throat slashed during attack in Lakeview

A community alert has been issued in Lakeview after a man was attacked while walking his dog.

Police have issued a sketch of the man they are looking for, but the victim says it took days to get a response from detectives and the alderman.

39-year-old Mike Schmidt lives in Lakeview with his dog, Brandy. They both went out for a walk at 11 p.m. Sunday when a passerby on the sidewalk double backed and grabbed Schmidt from behind in the 1300 block of Byron street on the city's north side.

Schmidt lurched back into his attacker. He said doing so probably saved his life. Brandy went into action too. While Schmidt grabbed his neck and applied pressure to stop the bleeding, Brandy got between him and the attacker. The attacker, Schmidt says he says just stood there, the knife hanging from his hand.

The laceration to his neck required some 40 odd stitches and a blood transfusion. 

Police are looking for a black male in his 30s standing around 6 feet.  He has a dark complexion and with an afro hairstyle. He was wearing a white tee shirt with black stripes and black shorts.

Schmidt thinks the man may be mentally ill, but he knows he is dangerous. Schmidt wants him caught and can’t believe detectives and the alderman waited until Wednesday to address the crime.

Alderman Tunney released a statement Thursday saying: "A community alert and police sketch has been issued.  No arrest has been made at this time but our office will continue to work with police and detectives in any way we can.”

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