May 25: Midday Fix - Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa's Scott Wilson, Director of Instruction With Tips for Golfers

Scott Wilson, Director of Instruction

Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa
12500 Crystal Mountain Drive
Thompsonville, MI
(800) 968-7686

What do first time golfers need to think about before teeing off?

Clothing (needs to be comfortable and keep you cool)

Collared golf-shirt with khaki shorts or pants is the accepted attire. Dri-fit shirts made of wicking fabric are comfortable and will keep you cool.

Hat or visor and some sunglasses.

Footwear - golf shoes will give you better stability but many beginners start out in a pair of comfortable tennis shoes.

Golf glove - beginners take a lot of swings and a golf glove can help prevent blisters.



Golf balls & Tees

Crystal Mountain Golf School and many others provide custom fitting with lessons. It's important for you clubs to be the correct size.

Rental sets are also available and sometimes that's the best place to start.

Preparation/Swing Tips

Start small with putting. You can save a lot of strokes with a good short game but putting also teaches the proper stance and grip - two of the most critical components of the golf swing.

Chipping & Pitching - A shorter swing to get used to the movement and another key component of the short game.

Full Swing - We tell beginners to just try to brush the ground and break that natural instinct to lift up.


A round of nine holes is going to take around 2-2.5 hours with 18 taking 4-5 hours.

Replace your divots - when you take a little piece of turf with your swing put it back or fill the hole with sand.

Rake the sand trap

Repair divot marks on the green

Honors - On the tee the player with the best score on the previous hole goes first and so-on. On the green the player furthest from the hole putts first.

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Golfing is a sport loved by the young and old. And with a few lessons, you can learn to love the game even more.
Northern Michigan's Crystal Mountain Golf School, a GOLF Magazine Top 25 Golf School, offers over 100 golf schools, clinics and programs to every level of golfer.

When booking your summer vacation, look for resorts that have package deals for lessons and tee-time fees.

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