January 24: Midday Fix - Tyler Thoreson


Tyler Thoreson

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Tyler's Tips:

How to Match Your Suit to Your Shoes
There are certain areas of a man's wardrobe where the rules of style are more suggestions than iron-clad laws. This is not one of them. However, these rules are fairly easy to follow. Here's all you'll ever need to know.

Here's what goes with what:
Blue suit
-Brown shoes
-Black shoes

Gray suit
-Brown shoes
-Black shoes

Brown suit
-Brown shoes

Black suit
-Black shoes

How to Infuse Color into your Wardrobe
Admit it…as a guy, color can be scary when it comes to clothing. It's time to move away from the blue, white, black and gray and add a pop of bright hues to your wardrobe…not every day, but at least on occasion. Some ways to achieve this without feeling like a walking kaleidoscope:

Choose one item to make the statement with -- no more.
Ground it with neutrals
Try a print or stripe in color -- can be less intimidating than a solid
Ease into the world of color by just incorporating it with your accessories -- ties and belts are great for this
Be confident!

How to buy jewelry for the lady in your life
At some point in every relationship, flowers and cashmere just aren't going to cut it anymore. Here are some tips for how to conquer the intimidating task of buying jewelry for your lady.

Do your homework.
Plan ahead and (with some subtlety) take her browsing so you can get a sense of what she likes -- good jewelers will happily play along and discreetly slip you a card with style number, size, and price.

Get the style right.
Stay away from rings or anything associated with an engagement or weddings, especially if it's early in the relationship. Earrings and necklaces make great gifts because they are one size fits all.

Keep it real.
Do you want to see your girlfriend scratching a rash around her neck? Or with stained wrists? Keep green fingers for the garden and go with a karat count, which will lead to fewer issues with allergies or staining.

Phone a friend.
Jewelry is something women like to show off, and thus, her friends will likely know a thing or two about what she likes and what she doesn't. If it's an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday; she's most likely dropped a few hints along the way with the hope that you'll be clever enough to take their counsel.

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