December 7 - Frank Glionna

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The Music Gallery of Highland Park
2558 Green Bay Road
Highland Park
(847) 432-6350

Guitars Featured on The Show

1959 Custom Shop "Les Paul" Standard, MSRP $8033. Most valued for its capacity to hold notes and produce true tones.
Used by Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, and many more. Page, and others, own original 1959 Les Pauls.

Master Built Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster $7600
Eric Clayton, thousands more, play this guitar, or another version of it.

Master Built Custom shop Fender Telecaster $7600 (Keith Richard's favorite guitar, Rolling Stones)

Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar, custom Version $5400 (Bob Dylan, The Byrds)

PRS (Paul Reed Smith) "Custom 24," 10 top (the best of the line); (Carlos Santanna's "axe of choice")

Rickenbacker 350V 36JG $3059 (one of The Beatles' favorites)

Gibson Carved Top "Byrdland Classic Jazz Guitar $10,000 (But Ted Nugent plays it too)

Gibson J200 Custom version $6000
Elvis Presley played this one in the mid '50s and is most identified with.

Taylor 914 CE $6000

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