February 22 - 26

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Tuesday, February 23

Toys - Elizabeth Werner


JumpStart Pet Rescue for Wii is a real teaching game for 3-6 year olds, getting them up off the couch and engaged in learning about numbers, letters, shapes, colors, early reading, memory and creativity. Younger audiences also love being able to rescue and care for their virtual pets. Kids can feed, groom, play with and train their pets to do tricks using the motion sensors of the Wii remote. Parents have trusted JumpStart for almost 20 years to educate, entertain, and delight. The brand continues to evolve into a multi-platform tool with computer software and now - online virtual world (jumpstart.com), Nintendo DS, and Wii.

Techno Source brings us the Rubik's Slide - in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube. This new electronic puzzle game has all the great elements of Rubik's - but it's got different levels of difficulty - easy, medium or hard - so anyone can play - and more important - anyone can solve it. There are more than 10,000 puzzles built in - and it is truly addictive -once you play, you won't want to put it down!

Hot Wheels Custom Motors is a new example of how Mattel's world of wheels continues to drive imaginations with customization and engaged play. They allow kids to fully explore their creativity by making their own unique car and truck creations. There's the Starter Set, which comes with 15 interchangeable parts and the power Set, which comes with 25 parts so kids can customize hundreds of super-cool vehicles using these realistic, interchangeable accessories.

Mattel makes portable fun on the run possible with its popular and highly affordable To Go! Games including hot hits, FLIPPIN' FROGS, KERPLUNK, UNO SPIN, MAD GAB and PICTIONARY MAN. Ready to Go! At only $9.99 - these palm sized favorites pack a punch providing hours of entertainment in the backseat, on the plane or even in the office waiting for that late appointment.

SPIDER-MAN 3 3/4" Action Figures from Hasbro will have an all-new lineup this Spring, ready to take on GREEN GOBLIN and VENOM. There will be great new adventures for our friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN: from the sea, with DIVE ATTACK SPIDER -MAN, to the sky, with SKY-SPEED SPIDER MAN, or even at night with NIGHT MISSION SPIDER-MAN. Peter Parker has his work cut out for him.

Mighty Beanz from Spin Master are back! Originally launched in 2004, Mighty Beanz is one of the most popular collectables in toy history with more than 100 million sold. More than 100 new Might Beanz will launched this spring, some of them incredibly rare and difficult to find. Each move using a wacky, unpredictable and unique movement - all of them zany and eccentric "bean" characters. Each Mighty Beanz belongs to one of 20 "Bean Teams" such as Zoo, Prehistoric, Music and more.

MCM Social
(773) 531-2205

Wednesday, February 24

Cirque du Soleil's Alegría
March 3 - 7th
Sears Centre Arena
Hoffman Estates

Thursday, February 25

Tom Green
Tonight - Zanies - downtown
Tomorrow - Zanies - St. Charles
Saturday - Zanies - Vernon Hills

Botanic Backyard

Weekend Family Class
Gumballs & Superballs
March 6th
9:30-11 a.m.; 1-2:30 p.m.

QUESTION: My indoor bay laurel has a shiny sticky surface, why? Can I still use it for cooking? -- Gail from Northfield

Check for pests
Gently wipe leaves
Use after pest free

QUESTION: I see spring plants for sale-when can I plant outdoor containers? -- Gene from Oswego

Tulips, crocus, primrose
Wait until March
Table top planter

Anthony Anderson

For more information about Pursuit of Excellence Job Training Institute:www.thechicagourbanleague.org

Friday, February 26

Back to the Future Reunion
Hollywood Blvd Cinema
Friday & Sunday, Feb 26th & 28th
Hollywood Palms Cinema
Saturday, Feb 27th

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