Reinventing Media Careers

As the only girl on the "Reinventing Media Careers" panel which wrapped up Social Media Week in Chicago, I not only felt outnumbered, I also felt like a true "Big Tiny".  The guys on the stage with me are big names in the Chicago media scene.  But I hope I held my own and didn't misspeak or give off the wrong impressions. 

If you're interested, here's the link to the livestream from most of the session.  Warning: It's over an hour long and contains some swearing.  No, I didn't drop any f-bombs.  I knew not to after polling the audience via Twitter.  Throughout the session, I was holding a separate discussion with people who were following the #SMWreboot hashtag online.

Here's some of the online discussion from Twitter:

@NancyLoo: I'm the only girl here?!?!, @MikeBaker45s: Steve is here. lol, @hildyjohns: Like high school, huh?

@NancyLoo: Do u all think journalists use social media effectively?, @headlineclub: Some do, @PencilThisIn: No but if they used it too well, they might tweet there (sic) career field out of existence. @ladydrogo: no. I don't think many of them have even begun to scrape the surface of what this kind of platform can do for them. @shmaraksmpr: No way, Jose.

@NancyLoo: Is this panel what u expected?, @MattRowen More swearing than I expected. I expected it from Stever but not from Roeper. :D @shmarakspr: Everything and more--plus the f-bombs!

@NancyLoo: Anyone counting the f-bombs?, @mshellymishaps There must have been at least 5 already from @SteveDahlShow alone, @shmaraksmpr: I gave up on Steve's rant. @ladydrogo: I think we're up in the double digits, @jcajindos yeah f-bomb count is at 53 now... but hey it's friday!

@NancyLoo: How many of u listen to podcasts?, @dianabrodeurWGN: Almost never, @MikeBaker45s: no podcast, @JoseAVillalobos I listen to one podcast called Webcomics Weekly.

@NancyLoo: Dang, should I swear too?, @heyitsjayy: sure, why not swear too? Pretty sure that's half the reason why #smwreboot is trending on here right now! @DoIt4u2: No, stay professional. I'm watching the live feed. The a$&h$@# word shocked me, Wow! Throwing bombs around! @EJVerde: Don't @#%$&% do it! @smk6086: Sure, just drop an f-bomb, why not. @trujilloea You're f'ing better than that. @djshellymishaps no! @RobertFeder censored himself. @RichardRoeper forgot his manners. @klassybreeze keep it classy bigtiny!

@NancyLoo: What do u think of people who have others tweet for them? @watchmannee_fan its like paying someone to take the S.A.T's. @MattEnglum seems insincere @delwilliams As an individual it seems silly, particularly with all the auto tools. as biz, makes sense. @HeyMrBass It's deceptive! But I guess if you're a busy person or you've got a bad filter, then you're better off. @JoseAVillalobos That should not be allowed. That's like plagiarism.

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