New Facebook: Breaking down the changes to your news feed, subscriptions, real-time ticker and more (VIDEO)

Just when you had your News Feed all figured out, that darn Mark Zuckerberg has to go and.....ARGH!

My Facebook feed was full of all kinds of scorn this morning, as hundreds of millions of users logged on to find that, once again, the company had implemented somewhat big changes to many of its big features. 

Instead of grabbing our WGN pitchforks and joining the angry mob, we decided to call on some Facebook experts to break it all down in regular social media folk terms. 

Scott Kleinberg and Amy Guth are my go-to social media afficianados over at the Tribune. Check out their breakdown of the new changes in the video above.

They're also a big part of Chicago's Social Media Week. There are all kinds of interesting panels being held over at Tribune Tower all week. Read more and sign up for one HERE.

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