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Getting older, having a family or being too involved with your career are no excuses for not exercising or to stop being an athlete.  A new trend in fitness is seeing all types of people going from no activity to running a marathon or even participating in a triathlon.  Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon are the authors of a new book which aims to help people go from inactive to athlete in 12 weeks.  In “Tri the Journey” the two local women offer clear, practical advice from how to begin training to overcoming obstacles.  The book is packed with success stories of local Chicago women who have taken the challenge.  Above all, they inspire readers to believe that they too can Tri the Journey and cross the finish line.

 As the transformation from inactive to athlete is growing but there are still thousands out there who have thought about completing a marathon, triathlon or starting a regular fitness routine but are intimidated by the prospect.  Libby and Betsy’s enthusiasm and simple, straightforward training advice make it obtainable for anyone to ‘tri’ the sport. As one of the fastest growing sports, triathlons are experiencing a surge in popularity, fueled by a dramatic rise of the number of races offered throughout the year. Chicago is at the center of this trend as the host of the world’s largest triathlon event every August.  We featured three women to serve as an inspiration to us all who have all gone from inactive to athletes.

 Meet Nancy Hurst, she is the mother to three young boys.  She decided she needed some “me” time after mom duty made her forget who she really was. She started swimming with very limited ability and rode a bike with a toddler seat on the back. Today Nancy is an avid swimmer and has participated in several triathlons and even completed a full Ironman. She hopes to be a role model for her boys as they grow up.

Joni Dobson went from zero activity after a bad knee injury years ago and was terrified of any physical activity. She also had the memory of her mother dying at age 59 and thought she might see the same fate. She decided to do something about it.  Today Joni is active in biking, walking, swimming, Zumba and dance and completed her first triathlon at 60 years old.

 And finally, Pam Tierny comes from a large family but there were never any expectations to be involved in sports and athletics so she never felt a strong pull towards any particular fitness activity. Being a career driven professional Pam never had time to work-out until she gave herself a birthday present and signed up for a personal trainer. She didn’t think she could do it but soon after she caught the bug of fitness Pam was a full-fledged athlete who tackled a triathlon and her life changed forever after crossing her first finish line.

These are just three examples of the hundreds of people who are going from inactive to athlete every day. For more inspirational stories and tips on how you can go from inactive to athlete grab a copy of “Tri the Journey”.

About the experts:

Elizabeth (Libby) Hurley is Founder and President of Together We Tri (TWT) a Chicago-area triathlon training program. A three time Ironman finisher and veteran of more than 50 races, Libby saw there was a lack of information on the emerging sport of Triathlons and decided to devise her own training program. The idea for a triathlon training company was swimming around in Libby’s head before she even crossed her first finish line.  Together We Tri was off and running in the year 2000 and since then has motivated more than 6,000 athletes to realize their triathlon goals. She resides in Glenview, Illinois with her husband and three children.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Noxon is a freelance health and fitness writer whose work has appeared in numerous national magazines, including AARP The Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Experience Life, Health, Heart-Healthy Living, Parents, Runner’s World, and United Airline’s Hemispheres.  An athlete all her life, Betsy is always on the go be it running, swimming, cycling, skiing or golfing.  A cycling trip down California’s Highway 1 inspired her to take up triathlons.  Training with Together We Tri since 2008, Betsy has competed in eight triathlons. She resides in Glenview, Illinois with her husband and two children.


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