Day 9

We explore the Wieliczka Salt Mine on the outskirts of Krakow, where for 900 years miners carved statues, altars and other monuments out of the rock-salt walls during their free time. Back on the ground, we wonder why the GPS seems to be taking us on the narrowest, most winding roads conceivable as we enter Slovakia, but the lakes and forest are beautiful. There doesn't seem to be a border stop. This is the new Eastern Europe. Along the two-lane highway, which is filled with potholes, three dogs are attacking a chicken. The chicken is winning. That night we have trouble finding our campground in Trencin, Slovakia. The GPS sent us to an abandoned rail yard, and we're feeling anxious. A man rushes up to us. He doesn't speak English, but when we show him the name of the campground, he draws us a very good map and smiles broadly. The GPS was off the mark by four miles. Pictured: "The Last Supper" inside Wieliczka salt mine
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