Actress Jocelyn Brando, Nov. 27

Actress Jocelyn Brando, Nov. 27 Jocelyn Brando, the actress sister of the late Marlon Brando who made her own splash on Broadway in Mister Roberts at the same time he was stunning audiences in A Streetcar Named Desire, died on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005, of natural causes at her Santa Monica, Calif. home. She was 86 and used the surname Pennebaker, her mother's maiden name, in private life. The actress appeared in more than a dozen motion pictures, beginning with Fritz Lang's The Big Heat opposite Glenn Ford in 1953 and China Venture the same year. Her last major film was Mommie Dearest, which starred Faye Dunaway as movie queen Joan Crawford in 1981. Brando appeared with her far-better-known brother in The Ugly American in 1963 and The Chase in 1966. She also appeared in more than 50 television programs.
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