Physicians Say Device Will Help Detect Breast Cancer In Early Stages

In 2012, hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but as PHL 17's Ashley Johnson reports two Drexel doctors have developed a device to help women fight the disease earlier.

It's known as the Intelligent Breast Exam or IBE and while it may look small it's impact may be huge: accurately detecting breast cancer at an earlier stage.

"It will try to assist us in finding stuff that is hiding in the breast that is either hard to find, or a women might think there is something there and be not sure," Dr. Ari Brooks said.

Dr. Wan Shih created IBE and she said the device has been tested and is now ready for production.  During her research she was diagnosed with breast cancer and wants to help more women battling the disease.

"The growth rate is higher among young women who are in their 30s they find they have cancer they usually have cancer in the later stage, which is why it is more important to screen them," Dr. Shih said.

The device won't eliminate mammography but will make screening more efficient.

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