11 Sunscreen Alternatives

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Melanoma rates among young women are eight-times higher than they were 40 years ago, that's according to a study published by researchers at the Mayo Clinic. So even if you havent found the right sunscreen or hate the smell or consistency - there's still no excuse to put yourself at risk.

From combs, to clothing, to soap, lifestyle and beauty expert Rebekah George (www.getgorge.com) stopped by with products that sneak in your sunscreen.

1) Athleta Clothing $tk athleta.com

*made with a buil-in UPf that protects skin even when sweating.

2) Mission Athletica Instant Cooling Towel $15 at Modell's

*made with fabric to cool when wet with water or skin.

3) Solise Hand Soap with SPF 15 $14 at solise.com

*contains a built-in sunscreen that protects hands after you wash them.

4) Ricky's Sun Saving Combs $6 at Ricky's

*plants sunscreen protective oils on hair as you comb

5) Alterna Bamboo Men Thickening Gel SPF 15 $18 at ulta.com

*an SPF shield helps protect the scalp and styles hair

6) Perricone No Concealer Concealer $45 at perriconemd.com

*a multi-tasking anti-aging concealer that also prevents sun damage with an SPF

7) Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF50 $50 at colorscience.com

*a brush on sunscreen that doesn't mess up your makeup

8) Mott 50 Sun Protective Clothing $65-195

*a chic line of clothing that protects skin from the sun

9) Lole Bikini $38 at lolewomen.com

*with a built-in sun protector that safeguards skin when wet.

10) Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30 $14 at avon.com

*keeps bugs away and has an SPF.

11) Boden USA Kids Surf Suit $36 at bodenusa.com

*adorable kids swimsuit thst has protective fabrics

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