Six Charged In Shocking Kidnapping, Rape Of Teen Runaway

Seven men and a woman kidnapped, drugged and raped a 15 year-old girl, then kept her as both a sex slave and a prostitute. That's what prosecutors in Queens said Thursday, as a half-dozen members of a crime ring were arraigned before a judge, and as police remained on a manhunt for at least two other people in relation to the alleged crimes.

The sex, drug and prostitution ring, investigators say, was based out of a now-empty three-storey home on 101st Avenue in Ozone Park. In the home that the group illegally occupied, according to the prosecutor's office, the group carried out nightmarish crimes on one teenage girl for a week.

Many drugs, sold by eight men and a woman, are what a neighbor, too frightened to give her name, told PIX11 News. Another neighbor, Laura Ibarra, said that members of the group made very clear to her family that they had drugs available.

"He offered them to my brother-in-law," Ibarra said. However, according to investigators, that was just the beginning of what went on inside the home at 38-14 101st Avenue, with a 22 year-old man, Gary Council, leading the ring of crime.

"Every day he's got young girls," a woman who knows Council from the part of the neighborhood where he lived before moving to the 101st Avenue house, told PIX11 News. "They're 13, 14, and they look like hookers and everything," she said.

It was Council's abuse of a 15 year old girl, investigators say, that got him in deep trouble with them. They say two of Council's friends, Junior Goldring and another man still being sought by police, picked up the Long Island girl on Jerome Street in Brooklyn, then brought her to the Ozone Park house where Council held court. The girl, who'd been brought with a friend, tried to leave, and Council not only forced her to stay, according to prosecutors, he ordered the woman who stayed in the house, Andrea Furlonge, 21, to "do what she had to do" with the girl.

That included, investigators say, Furlonge taking nude photos of the girl, and posting them on as part of an advertisement for prostitution services. Soon, men came calling to pay to have sex with the high-schooler. The prosecutor's office has not said what became of the friend of the girl, who had been brought to the 101st Avenue house with her.

Also, while she was held against her will in the red brick home, investigators say the girl was forced by Council to take the drug Ecstacy, then tied her to a bed, while he and three other men, Goldring, Omari A. Millington, 21, and Renardo Williams, 22, raped and sodomized her, while two other men, Roy McMillan, 24, and and another man police have not yet apprehended, watched.

The group somehow found the empty home on 101st Avenue and decided to take it over in January, according to neighbors, who thought the young men and young woman were there legitimately. Investigators say that instead, the group changed the locks on the front door of the building where they ended up abusing the girl from February 6th through 12th.

When the owner of the house, Tsung Chen, 63, changed the locks again, prosecutors say, the men changed them again, and then threatened Chen, demanding $12,000 from him in order to leave. Chen contacted police, and when they responded, the men showed them what appeared to be a legitimate lease agreement involving Council, Furlonge, McMillan and a leaseholder listed on the document as Raymond Kelly.

Since that party to the agreement had the same name as the NYPD commissioner, it raised a red flag for investigators, who shortly after got a big break in the case when Council sent the girl out for an errand to the store across the street. She never came back. Instead, she went to police, who opened the investigation that led to the group's arrest.

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