Parent: School Aide Recruited Class Bully To Attack Son

A Brooklyn school aide, accused of recruiting a known class bully to beat up a fourth grader has been suspended, Department of Education officials confirmed Friday.

The Feb. 5 beatdown broke out at recess when 10-year-old Tyreik Bowers, a student at the Parkway School in Crown Heights, and a 4th-grade girl got into an heated argument. According to the boy's mother, Felicia Waldron, her son threatened to hit the young girl in the face if she made the comment again.

According to reports, that's when school aide Ayodele Sandiford got involved and told the girl she could repeat the comment - which she did - prompting Tyreik to slug her.

Waldron claimed Sandiford then asked another student to hunt down a fifth-grader, who is notoriously known as the school bully. The older child then came over as directed and began punching Tyreik in the face, head and back, Waldron said.

In addition, students claim while the fight was in progress, school aides and a teacher, identified as Ms. Florence Brown, was taping the fight with her cell phone. Brown was later suspended for her alleged involvement.

Tyreik was treated for a head injury at Interfaith Medical Center.

The victim's attorney Sanford Rubenstein filed a notice of claim Thursday to sue the city for $2 million.

"What really is important here is if any school personnel committed a criminal act, particularly endangering the welfare of a child, that they be held criminally accountable," attorney Sanford Rubenstein told reporters at a press conference. "A criminal investigation has been launched," he added.

Brown, reportedly denied the allegations and said she has been trying to contact the principal in order to break up the fight. In addition, Sandiford is denying the claims, saying the whole story is made up.

An Education Department spokeswoman Sandford had advised the fifth-grade student to break up the fight. Both aides were docked two day's pay.

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