Brooklyn Mom Claims Levi Aron Attempted To Kidnap Son

"He told the boy, come into my car, come into my car, and the boy was very afraid, and he was 11 and a little smarter and he ran away."

That shocking statement by an Orthodox Jewish woman on Wednesday, on the day Levi Aron was arrested for dismembering an 8-year-old boy in his attic apartment--apparently rattled the NYPD when it appeared on YouTube.

The woman was telling Hamodia, a community paper in Borough Park, about Levi Aron attempting to lure a neighborhood boy on his own block, East 2nd Street, two weeks before Leibby Kletzky was snatched on 18th Avenue in Borough Park.

Simon Gifter is a reporter for Hamodia. Late Wednesday morning, Gifter's colleague asked Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, if there had been a previous kidnapping attempt by Aron. The Commissioner was unaware but vowed a thorough investigation.

The woman told the newspaper Hamodia that 'Shomrim', a volunteer Orthodox safety patrol, might have been told instead of NYPD. And today--the mother of the 11-year-old boy confirmed the attempted luring to the New York Post, saying "The story is true. We're going through a lot of trauma here." The Post said NYPD detectives spoke to the mom Wednesday, the day Leibby's dismembered body was discovered 3 doors from her own home.

Additional reporting by Peter Thorne

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