BANG...ZOOM! PIX 11 Announces the Annual Honeymooners Marathon

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NEW YORK, December 15, 2008 - Ring in the New Year with Ralphie Boy! An annual holiday tradition, PIX 11 will air a marathon of 32 classic Honeymooners episodes beginning Wednesday, December 31st at midnight.

PIX will air 15 hours of hamana-hamana-hamana hijinks with Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason), Ed Norton (Art Carney), Alice Kramden (Audrey Meadows) and Trixie Norton (Joyce Randolph). The PIX Honeymooners Marathon runs from midnight to 5 am on New Year's Eve (with a break for the PIX Morning News from 5-9 am) and returns at 9am on New Year's Day.

Don't miss these treasured episodes:

12m: The Sleepwalker
12:30am: Pal O' Mine
1am: Hello Mom
1:30am: Please Leave the Premises
2am: Deciding Vote
2:30am: Something Fishy
3am: A Matter Of record
3:30am: Ralph Kramden, Inc.
4am: Pardon My Glove
4:30am: Alice & the Blonde
9am: Women's Work Is Never Done
9:30am: Here Comes the Bride
10am: A Matter of Life & Death
10:30am: Brother Ralph
11am: Oh, My Achin' Back
11:30am: The Babysitter
12noon: Head of the House
12:30pm: The Worry Wart
1pm: A Dog's Life
1:30pm: Trapped
2pm: Better Living Through TV
2:30pm: A Man's Pride
3pm: The Golfer
3:30pm: Funny Money
4pm: Young At heart
4:30pm: Dial J for Janitor
5pm: Bensonhurst Bomber
5:30pm: Unconventional Behavior
6pm: Man From Space
6:30pm: TV or Not TV
7pm: The $99,000 Answer
7:30pm: Mama Love Mambo

PIX 11 is your home for the Honeymooners, with the marathon tradition beginning in 1976, and airing on New Year's Eve annually since 1996.

* Midnight Mass LIVE from St. Patrick's Cathedral on Christmas Eve
* The Yule Log on Christmas Day from 9a-1p followed by March of the Wooden Soldiers at 1p.

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