Rundown House Proving To Be Quite The Eye Sore For Neighbors

Brooklyn (New York City)WPIXBay Ridge

People living on a street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn are fed up with a rundown house they say is turning the whole block into a complete eyesore.

The house -- located on 79th Street -- is apparently infested with several families of aggressive raccoons and is littered with all sorts of trash, including empty bottles of alcohol. The fence of the home is completely rusted and the second floor has collapsed into the basement.

Neighbors told PIX 11 News Monday they have complained to the city for years about the house.

"I used to look out everyday and hope that someone would do something," said Lousia Sessa.

The house was apparently abandoned by a man named Frank Landy after he and his wife split in 1987.

PIX 11 News called the Buildings Department and they tell us neighbors have been filing complaints since 1991. In addition, they say Landy owes $10 thousand in fines for violations -- and nothing can be done until he pays up.

However, officials say, Landy is nowhere to be found, which angers residents.

"It doesn't look right in the neighborhood," said Sessa.

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