Alleged Bird-Fighting Ring Busted, 19 Arrested

Police in Connecticut have arrested 19 people in connection with an alleged bird-fighting operation, PIX News has learned.

According to Wayne Kasacek of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, and Shelton Police Sergeant Robert Kozlowsky, more than 150 birds were confiscated from a Shelton home Sunday morning. Most of the birds, described as a mix of saffron finches and canaries, had severe injuries, including blindness. Many of the birds may now have to be euthanized.

The arrests were made as spectators had just placed bets and were getting ready to watch the birds fight, police said. In addition authorities say they seized $8,000 in betting money.

The birds were uncovered as part of an ongoing investigation into bird fighting at the residence.

Saffron finches are a type of songbirds from South America and are common in both open and semi-open areas in lowlands outside the Amazon Basin.

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