Red Sox Fan Steals Home, And $20,000 In Team Equipment

BOSTON, MA (PIX11) -- A Boston man tried to profit off stolen Sox memorabilia by saying his severely ill son needed the proceeds to pay for his mounting medical bills, say police.

While he got his sob story past Long Island-based Leland' -- they posted the cleats, uniforms, home plate and helmets expecting a $20,000 haul -- he got caught by eagle-eyed Major League Baseball investigators. They turned 32-year-old Jamie Holland over to Suffolk County Police who charged him with a felony for trying the sell the stolen goods.

Holland was so bold he went to the home of 91-year-old Johnny Peskey, a Boston Red Sox great from the 40's, to have him sign the 380' marker literally ripped off the outfield wall. Again, he tugged at his heartstrings using his 'sick son' ploy, but was only looking to line his pockets, said Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota.

Spota says Holland got the hot memorabilia from another thief, and hauled it out in genuine Boston Red Sox equipment bags.  He even scored a bottle of celebratory wine, one of the rare 2004 World Series vintages produced to celebrate their most improbable victory.

Holland has been arraigned and is back home in a Boston suburb. While Holland will face prosecution in Suffolk County, since Leland's Auction is based in Bohemia, his alleged accomplices are now being pursued by Boston police.

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