Bronx Woman Thrown to the Tracks at 6 Train Station

A Bronx woman is recovering tonight from a vicious subway attack. Patricia Villa, 49, said someone grabbed her by the ears and tossed her onto the tracks before fleeing the Hunts Point Avenue station of the 6 train, Tuesday night.

"Somebody was behind me. Held my ears, twisted my head and I landed in the tracks," Villa said.

Seven stitches in her head remain a reminder of the devastating night she would like to forget.

"I don't want to go on train ever again," Villa said.

Around 9P.M. on Tuesday, Villa said she entered the station with her English as a second language classmates. Just before she approached the platform, a stranger grabbed her from behind and tossed her onto the tracks where she fell unconscious.

"My friends were telling me to 'wake up, wake up the train's coming. It's going to kill you,'" Villa said.

Bloody and unaware of the imminent danger she was in, Villa said her friend, Luis Planco, jumped to her rescue after he managed to punch the suspect in the face.

"At that moment I heard my friend screaming and I went to get her," Planco said.

In order to save his friend, he said, he had to let the suspect go.

Villa now walks with a cane and has stitches in her head from where she hit the tracks. But, she has one request.

"I want to catch that guy because he will do it again," Villa said.

Neither Villa or Planco got a good look at the man but remember he was wearing light blue jeans and a white Nike shirt.

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