Brooklyn Neighborhood Used As Dumping Ground

Matresses, old furniture, and trash are all being dumped under the B and Q trains in Sheepshead Bay on East 15th street.

"I'm glad you are here. This has been going on for years. The rats now have moved in too," complained Jeffery Grecco, a long-time Sheepshead Bay resident, who walks by the smelly site almost everyday.

The stench on a hot day sometime forces people to cross the street. PIX11 News sent a photo of the trash to the Sanitation Department, and a spokesperson tells us, "This location was cleaned by the DSNY on 7/19/11, and it appears to be a chronic dump-out spot. There has only been one 311 complaint about this spot in the last three months, and it has also been referred to our Enforcement Division for Investigation."

The City warns, if you are caught dumping furniture or any other junk, you could be slapped with up to a five thousand dollar fine and the City could impound you car. The Sanitation Department advises anyone to call 311 right away if you see dumping in your neighborhood.

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