Brooklyn Heights Residents Vs. The Junkyard

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A Brooklyn Heights neighborhood claims their parking spaces are being stolen by big rigs and blame a nearby junkyard for the problem.  

Trucks usually line Pacific street between Classon and Grand Avenues everyday. 

"I can wait up to two hours to park my car.  These trucks get parking tickets and they don't budge for months," says Sampson Houte. 

The owner of the junkyard keeps promising things will change according to residents.   "I call 311, I tell police, and no action,"  says Houte. 

When PIX11 News arrived there was a padlock on the fence and a rottweiler guarding the front entrance. 

An NYPD spokesperson tells PIX 11 News they are working on it.  Meantime, Houte never got a space to park.  

The owner of the junkyard, Andrew McIver, never returned calls to comment on this story.

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