Neighbors Steamed Over Risque Sex Shop Window

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A new sex shop that recently opened its doors in Brooklyn is not getting a warm welcome.

KamaSutra, located at 1717 Sheepshead Bay Road, opened on Tuesday and offers all sort of scandalous items including skimpy lingerie, sex toys, novelties and massage oils.

Residents in the area are outraged, most notably over a risque window display, in which lingerie packages depicting nude women are on exhibit -- including several items depicting penises.

Many people are opposed to the shop because it is situated closely to a children's store, a ballet studio and a karate school. As a result, they're taking their complaints to local Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

However, it appears the shop is within its legal bounds when it comes to operating the adult-themed store. Businesses that stock 40 percent or more of pornographic material aren't supposed to be in residential neighborhoods or within 500 feet of schools or day care centers. But here's the catch: KamaSutra sells mainly sex toys that are considered "marital aids" as well as lingerie and novelty items. Those don't fall into the pornographic category.

Cymbrowitz says he's asked a representative from the store to tone down the window. But still, shop owners and people who live in the neighborhood want the store out. One businesswoman says regardless of the window, the shop is "disgusting" since kids pass by the store often and gawk.

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