'Feliz Navidad' Parody Draws Apology

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Grammy-winner Jose Feliciano got an apology Thursday after he trashed a pair a radio producers for spoofing his famous Christmas song, and spinning it into a tune about undocumented immigrants.

Feliciano released a statement Wednesday saying that he was "revolted beyond words" that the song had been transformed into "a vehicle for a political platform of racism and hate."

The parody -- titled "The Illegal Alien Christmas Song" -- was written by radio producers, Matt Fox and A.J. Rice and posted to the website for Human Events, a Washington-based conservative weekly publication. The video was later posted to YouTube, where it drew an even larger audience.

"When I wrote and composed 'Feliz Navidad,' I chose to sing in both English and Spanish in order to create a bridge between two wonderful cultures during the time of year in which we hope for goodwill toward all," the Puerto Rico-born singer said.

An editor for the website apologized Wednesday and disabled the link to the song's page.

"We regret any offense that Mr. Feliciano may have taken from this parody," the editor said.

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