Clemens Charged With Lying To Feds in Steroid Case

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Federal authorities indicted pitcher Roger Clemens on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The announcement, made Thursday, comes two years after the former New York Yankees star denied allegations of using anabolic steroids under oath before Congress. He had since been under investigation by the Justice Department for perjury.

Clemens faces a six-count indictment alleging that he obstructed a congressional inquiry with 15 different statements he made while under oath, including denials he used steroids or human growth hormone.

The celebrated pitcher first became tied to the use of the substance after his former trainer, Brian McNamee, named the him in George J. Mitchell's report that also tied a stunning list of baseball biggest stars including Andy Pettitte and Miguel Tejada to performance enhancing drugs.

Along with Clemens, McNamee testified under oath at the 2008 hearing, contradicting Clemens' comments regarding his use of the performance-enhancing drugs.

McNamme initially told federal agents he injected Clemens more than a dozen times with steroids and human growth hormone from 1998 to 2001. However, Clemens had denied those claims, insisting McNamme was lying.

Clemen's attorney, Rusty Hardin, had no immediate comment on Thursday's indictment.

In his testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Clemens said, "I've been accused of something I'm not guilty of ... I have never taken steroids or HGH."

Clemens, nicknamed the "Rocket," has won the most Cy Young Awards with 7. In addition to the New York Yankees, he has played for the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays.


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