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Cold-Blooded Bronx Gas Station Shooter Caught: Cops

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It was such a shocking crime--a week after gunning down a hard working recent immigrant at an East Tremont gas station in the Bronx, cops say they now have the killer.  In custody is a 21-year-old from Harlem who just got out of prison on parole for the same crime of robbery

21 Freddie McGrier was the cowardly trigger puller who ended a young husband's life according to the NYPD.  Lamin Sillah, the 28-year-old immigrant from the West African nation of Gambia on a student visa here in the U.S. for only 10 months, was killed in a cold blooded robbery at the Bronx gas station where he was just wrapping up his shift working for his uncle.  The whole thing was caught on surveillance video from eight cameras ringing the busy gas station RC Petroleum station across from the Bronx Zoo.

Alhagie Ebou Cham is Sillah's uncle who brought him to work at the station.  "He was going to school two days a week, 12 hours a day.  He was working hard."

The NYPD quickly released the video that showed the killer's face--and it didn't take long for someone to tip cops off with his name.  Cops picked up McGrier when he showed up at his regularly scheduled parole visit yesterday after being cut loose in June once he'd done two years in prison for robbery.  He has five other prior arrests as well.

His accomplice though is still on the run.  The pair made off with just $30 in cash from the hold up, then took off on their bikes.

He is being held inside Bronx criminal court awaiting his arraignment on murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Sillah was said to be sending money home to his new bride so she, too, could go to school.  The couple was only married for eight months and he was working to get her to the U.S. as well. 

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