Three Women Claim Long Beach Doctor Sexual Harassed Them

The allegations are stunning.

"Out of nowhere, he just unzipped his pants and pulled it out." said 21 year old Samantha Romanger a former administrative assistant at Beach and Surf Medical and two other former employees claim the Long Beach doctor's office they worked at, was a never ending nightmare of abuse, and sexual harrassment.

"He would touched me, he would grab my butt," said Romanger.

Shivon Super who was employed as the office manager said their boss Dr. Edward Kleiner would touch her thighs.

"[He would] tell me how tight my thighs were and tell me that the muscles went all the way up."

Super showed us the sexually explicit text messages she says her boss Dr. Klenier seen in this photo would routinely send her.

All three woman claim that Kleiner, harassed them at work, and stalked them after hours.

"He showed up one night in front of my boyfriend house." said Lauren Schlanger " I was outside in the backyard walking the dog and I came into the front and I see him there just standing there."

The women say they finally had it, when Dr. Kleiner ordered them to witness a couple having sex in an office bathroom, in what was supposed to be an attempt at artificial insemination.

"I was asked to go into the room to witness this and I refused." said Romanger.

After refusing to take part in the bizarre procedure to collect a sample the women say they were all fired.

We tried to get Kleiner's side of the story but he didn't answer his door.

Dr. Kleiner doesn't have office hours on Monday but he is still practicing and no criminal charges have been filed against him.

The former employees filed a complaint with the state division of human rights.

They also plan to take their complaints to the district attorney.

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