Drunk Puppy Buying Banned In West Village

When the beer goggles come on down in the West Village on Christopher Street, puppy stores need to shut their doors.

"After dinner they come over and say, awww puppies are so cute," said Dina Derrugh, Owner of Le Petit Puppies, a store known for their pint-sized cuties. Ooing and ahhing is allowed -- It's almost impossible to sit outside Le Petit Puppy for 30 seconds without seeing someone gush.

But puppy store owner Dina Derrugh said that wishing turns into wanting a puppy when people window shop with a few cocktails in them.

"Puppies are always cute, but if you drink you're more likely to buy on the spot," said Derrugh. Christopher Street is lined by bars and restaurants such as StoneWall and Duplex.

The store is open until 8pm Monday to Saturday and even at that time, Derrugh starts to shoo inebriated individuals who she says are determined to buy a dog.

"I wouldn't sell to someone who is drunk, it's just going to be a hazard to the dog, the business, anybody!" said Derrugh.

At CitiPups down the street, dealing with drunks is not an option because there is a strict policy in place if someone too tipsy walks through the door.

"As far as the animals are concerned, we have to exercise our best judgment for their care," said Rob Ringley, CitiPups Manager.

For CitiPup employees that means the answer to drunk purchases is always, unequivocally, "no."

"We can be just as adamant as they are."

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