How To Eat Your Way Sexy

What does sexy feel like? Sure, it might be a pair of cute black stilettos or some lacy underwear or driving a sleek sports car. But really, when it comes right down to it, sexy is far more. It's your whole lifestyle that gives you confidence, vibrancy and sexiness. You only get one body and one brain (the #1 sex organ) in this lifetime--so why would you treat them any less well than you would treat a heart-stopping Maserati?"

With Eat Your Way to Sexy, renowned nutrition expert Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., offers her simple secrets to being sexy, healthy and happy. With a no-nonsense, easy-to-adopt program of food and exercise choices she calls the S-Ex-Y Diet (Sensual Extraordinary You Diet), Somer shares proven tips and tricks to spice up your life by making changes that will affect your attitudes, thinking, emotions and physical health. "Eat well and your body will repay you a thousandfold with abundant energy, a sharper mind, a fit body and a lustier life," Somer says, and she shows you how to do it with an array of fun tools including:

  • 6 sexy diet guidelines
  • 4 secrets of eating authentic
  • 12 supersexy, foolproof tricks for permanent weight loss
  • 20 ways to lose the blubber
  • 6 romantic ways to eat the S-Ex-Y diet
  • 12 amorous edibles: The Naughty Dozen

Tapping the proven link between how we take care of our bodies and how our sensual beings respond to that care, Somer--author of Food & Mood, Eat Your Way to Happiness, and many other bestselling books on the connection between what we eat and emotional well-being--outlines a new approach to diet and exercise.


EAT YOUR WAY TO SEXY!Boosting or reviving that lovin' feeling is just a heartbeat away. This segment covers the guidelines of the S-Ex-Y Diet to give viewers' love life a jump-start by cutting back on the junk and saturated fat, loading their plates at least 75% of the time with authentic foods. With just a few simple dietary changes and a supplement, viewers will see energy improve, as well as mood and the ability to cope with the stresses of life. People report that after following the S-Ex-Y Diet their love lives are more satisfying and better than ever. One study, conducted at the University of Naples, found that men following diets similar to the S-Ex-Y Diet showed improvement not only in heart-disease risk factors, but also in erectile function, while men who ate typical American diets continued to perform poorly in the bedroom. Feeling sexy is about the whole package--your brain, looks, fitness, energy, vitality, blood vessels and libido. The S-Ex-Y Diet takes care of it all.

FEED YOUR FACE: LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNG, NOW!A person's skin is an outer reflection of inner health. Beauty will pale even in the most fair when underlying health is lost, while those who are healthy on the inside also are radiant on the outside - with clear, moist, glowing skin. Are you ready to feed your face? This segment offers the chow bella crash course on what nutrients you need, why your skin needs them, and which foods are the best sources.

THE 5-MINUTE BREAKFASTIs your reason for not eating breakfast that you don't have time? Well, throw out that excuse because it takes only five minutes to fix yourself a yummy, nutritious morning meal. This segment explains why it's worth making the effort to eat well in the morning (breakfast eaters have more energy, think more clearly, are more likely to be happy, and have an easier time managing their waistlines compared to breakfast skippers), the four guidelines for healthy breakfasts and six 5-minute yummy breakfasts, including a whole wheat toaster waffle topped with fat-free sour cream and fresh blueberries, served with OJ.

DIET TRICKS TO BANISH CRANKY AND CRABBYThe link between food and mood is immediate. In fact, what you eat for breakfast and lunch will determine whether you're pumped to pucker your sweetie by nightfall. This segment will explain how what you eat affects how you feel and then will give a meal-by-meal explanation of how to eat to fuel your sexiness and energy from sun-up to bedtime. This segment also presents six sexy diet guidelines to get viewers in the mood.

SCAM-PROOF YOUR LOOKSIt is easy to be fooled by ads and claims. This segment explains what to believe and what to ignore when it comes to diet, supplements and your looks. For example, fast-growing, hard nails are one sign of a great diet, but there is no reliable evidence that taking protein, vitamins or gelatin will strengthen nails. Forget the rumor that calcium makes nails harder--nails are made of protein, not calcium. Learn why iron-rich prunes, dark green leafies, and biotin supplement (2 ½ milligram) might help nails grow faster. Also despite the wealth of vitamins, fats, herbs and phytonutrients added to shampoos and conditioners you can't nourish your hair from the outside. Don't waste your money on hair analysis either--it doesn't detect deficiencies. There are no vitamins in hair and no correlation between the minerals in hair and your nutritional status. However a bad diet will result in hair loss, dry and dull lifeless hair, as well as brittle nails. Elizabeth Somer discusses her six dietary guidelines to scam-proof your looks.

USE IT OR LOSE IT!Probably everything you know about your brain is wrong. For example, memory loss is not inevitable. In fact, 66% of brain aging is within our control. Utilizing the latest nutrition research, Elizabeth Somer, M.A. R. D shares how you can maintain a sexy brain at any age. In this segment Somer explains how an antioxidant orgy, taking a DHA-supplement and eating salmon twice a week will assure you will maintain a youthful and sexy mind, additionally she'll explain the four dimensions of brain health.

RECLAIM YOUR VITAL SELF To feel really sultry, powerful, and alive, you need a fine-tuned brain that sends messages quickly and freely, a healthy heart that pumps blood efficiently and easily, and clear and elastic blood vessels that effortlessly move blood and oxygen throughout your body, from head to sex organs. Elizabeth Somer, R.D. will explain why switching to the S Ex Y Diet based on what she calls "authentic foods" along with a few easy tips and tricks can put viewers on the fast-track to health and sexiness.

5 WAYS TO LOSE THE BLUBBER Almost seven out of 10 of your viewers need and want to lose weight. Not only does excess weight undermine self-esteem and raise disease risk, it also leads to depression, sleep disorders and fatigue, which can lead to overeating and more weight gain. All that cranky is just one more reason why overweight people are much less likely to date than their fitter, leaner friends. Weight wreaks havoc with a person's sex life and overweight men have up to a 90% greater risk for ED than do lean or fit men. Every single one of these physical, emotional and sexual problems vanishes with weight loss.

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